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E-commerce is not only about the selling of products and services online, but draws on technologies such as mobile commerce, electronic funds transfer, supply chain management, Internet marketing, online transaction processing, electronic data interchange (EDI), inventory management systems, automated data collection systems etc..

electronic data interchange (EDI)
online transaction processing

E-commerce businesses are directed to customers via websites and mobile apps and even via conversational commerce processes like live chat, chatbots, and voice assistants. Its also possible by gathering demographic data through web contacts and social media. In e-commerce, marketing is also done by e-mail newsletters or even fax.Advantages of e-Commerce business include, decrease the cost of managing their inventory of goods,

attracting new and distant customers with search engine visibility, convenience and easiness of doing business, saving operational costs, monitoring customer trends, chances of improvement by product review, chance to sell globally online, stay open 24*7/365, decrease advertising, marketing, personnel, and travel cost, etc.Just come to us and provide your idea and requirements- team Proudeon can help you build your dream.


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