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prestashop_developmentWhen it is comes to building your store online, you have to make sure that your e-commerce software is easy to manage, intuitive, and powerful. This is because you will be the one to work with your store once the developer finishes its building.

When you are looking for the software of e-commerce, make sure that you will not have to pay monthly commissions or fees on your sales. That is why your choice should be PrestaShop because it is a totally free solution coming with the necessary tools for efficiently managing your store online. In addition, this software is very flexible, enabling your developer to fully customize your store according to your desires.

When it comes to PrestaShop online store development, make sure that your developer is experienced and you must have a clear written agreement outlining the payment and fees terms, additional fees, deadlines, expectations, and post development. For a better PrestaShop online store development, be involved in the process and communicate regularly with your developer by using MSN, Google Hangout or Skype.

Organize your communication and be updated on your PrestaShop online store development by using a management tool of project such as Basecamp or Asana. For adding features on your online store, PrestaShop offers innovative features on its official marketplace.

It is also easy to assess the performance of your online store since there are numerous KPIs displayed automatically in your PrestaShop back-office.There are numerous e-commerce software choices in the market. However, if you are seeking a fully customizable, user-friendly and powerful solution, the answer is PrestaShop.

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