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There are many benefits of building your website by using Joomla. Since Joomla is a Content Management System, it is designed to make sure that the pages of your websites can be updated and maintained easily. Being an Open Source, you do not need to pay licensing fees for using Joomla and you can get support from large community resources from everywhere including small countries.

Joomla has a forum with more than 200,000 members capable of helping you with its usage. Millions of websites around the world uses Joomla and make it popular. Joomla website design is widely used and it is easy to find people to support and develop it. In addition, you can find support from books written on Joomla from different perspectives since it is a popular product and even developers use these books for Joomla Website design.

It is easy to extend the functionality of Joomla. You can easily design a brochure website, a communicating membership website, and even a shopping cart with many features. This is because you have more than 3500 plugins and add-ons for extending the functionality of Joomla ranging from project management tools, blogs, forums, video plugins, image galleries, shopping carts, and many others.

You can change the look and feel of your Joomla website design without the need to redo the entire site. In a few seconds, you can change literally the entire graphic look/design of your website while keeping the content. You have also more than 2000 free templates available for your Joomla website design.

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